Artik Extreme S.r.l. is a film production company specialised in facing any outdoor scenario: air, snow, dirt, asphalt and water.


We are ready and equipped to film in the most hostile circumstances: from snow-capped peaks to
the depths of the sea, hanging from a rock face or hurtling at 250km/h.

When faced with limits, we only see challenges.


Artik Extreme offers a film production service for advertising campaigns, documentaries and shows.

Artik Extreme is able to find solutions for every stage of the video production process
and offers highly specialised support for the filming of external productions.

In the planning phase, Artik Extreme develops the creative concept that best suits the project. Thanks to continuous updating and market analysis, fully customised advertising campaigns, documentaries and shows will be created in line with current industry trends.

During the production phase, the creative project is realised. In order to make this possible, the most suitable production crew is selected for the scenario in which the shoot will take place.

Post-production enhances and enriches the footage shot, transforming it into the final product, ready for distribution.


The Artik Extreme team consists of passionate and experienced professionals, equipped with
state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles.
Acting every day within the scenario in which they specialise, Artik Extreme operators guarantee
complete mastery of their tasks even in the most difficult circumstances, thanks to their excellent


  • Director;
  • Producer;
  • D.o.P. (Director of Photography);
  • Production Crew


  • Video editor;
  • Colorist;
  • VFX/3D Artist;
  • Sound Designer

Artik Extreme Entertainment

The “Artik Extreme – Entertainment” section was born from the desire to create an entertainment project that would convey our corporate identity directly to the public, offering a dedicated product and a new perspective on our working environment.

This project, which encourages and frees up space for our research and development area, will materialise during the 2022/2023 season through the first Launch Campaign, that will explore every scenario in which we specialise.